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Creative workshop at Branco Weiss School by Jennifer Amouyal

Jennifer imagined and dreamed up a project to work with at-risk children and teenagers to develop expression and give them access to a new mode of expression through art. 

She introduces them to new artistic techniques, but above all, a new way of communication through a creative and manual process, without any pressure of getting a "beautiful" result. A mix of introspection, interpretation and materialization.

The idea is to let go and let ourselves be guided by what is happening within us, to listen to our feelings, our emotions... and to observe our influence on our new creation. 

FICAC - the International Foundation of Honorary Consuls - took an active part in connecting the founder with the institution, supervised and supported the project throughout the entire period.


These children, often not coming from supporting and caring environments, usually lack comfort and self-confidence. 

This project was first thought of as a way for us to give these children the key to see the world through a different eye, and thus, looking in the mirror with pride and confidence.

The more she delved into the sessions and the work with the children, the more Jennifer witnessed something special going on: a change of atmosphere. While they arrived at first recluse and even introverted, it slowly evolved into them opening up.

The sessions, at first quiet, rapidly became dynamic. The mood of the unknown transformed into a safe space for communicating and not only between themselves but also with the supervising team. As though this invitation to create allowed the breaking of invisible boundaries that are fear, timidity or the dread of judgment...This powerful loosening of tongues opened many subjects of discussion, debates and meaningful sharing, no matter the subject: discussions were limitless. 

One anecdote that can best describe the very first session can be told by this participant coming towards Jennifer:

"This is the first time in my life that I do something from the bottom of my heart"

After ten sessions of work, the project concluded with a final event which consisted of a moving exhibition with the children-artists who, for the very first time in their lives, exhibited their work to a wide audience. The big event was especially organized in their honor, in a context of real art exhibition in a prestigious gallery. This all  strengthened their self-confidence and made them believe in themselves. It is also an accomplishment of a project that they engaged into from start to finish. Now, they can proudly present it to their family, friends and surroundings, and use it in the future as a way of remembering this journey that they made with themselves.

A new beginning. 

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